<span style="color: #2c1366;">Laura Tartaro-McGowan</span>

Laura Tartaro-McGowan

Fundraising Chair

Laura, known to most of her medical colleagues as LTM, is passionate about the DC Candlelighters organization because of the services provided to families with children who are diagnosed with cancer. One of her mottos is “Go Big or Go Home”, and “In A World Where You Can Be Anything—Be Kind”. Her goals are to provide substantial financial, emotional and educational support to families through the DC Candlelighters programs. You might ask why Laura is so passionate about this specific organization. When you hear those four words “Your child has cancer” it takes your breath away, the biggest kick you will ever feel in your life, you feel like you are living a nightmare. Once the shock is over you must fight for remission, a cure, survival of your child while still trying to have some sense of normalcy. There is nothing normal about Cancer! DC Candlelighters is the organization that will help you find that balance.

Laura remembers an Angel that was with her and her family during her child’s 11 year fight; that Angel’s name was Margy Jost. She was an advocate of DC Candlelighters. Margy was Laura’s friend, her confidant, her Angel on earth. Laura aspires to be like Margy. Please walk with Laura to provide support for these children and their families and honor Margy’s Memory.