Game Night, March 26, 2024

Eight kids met on the battlefields of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate in a tournament to determine the champion. The well-known Nintendo game boasts a selection of characters to choose from and some from games you have never heard of — from Mario to Banjo Kazooie. After a few warm-up games and a refuel of pizza and subs from The Italian Store, the tournament began!

The skill of these young gamers flashed across the screen and as the epic battles raged on, one emerged victorious. Cheered on by the eliminated competitors, Mateo and his character Steve (Minecraft Explorer) were crowned the champions! Collecting the spoils of victory, a $25 Amazon Gift Card, he rejoined his friends for more Super Smash Brothers!

THANKS SO MUCH goes out to Life with Cancer for the use of their facility. And THANK YOU to all the other amazing volunteers who came out to help us ensure that fun was had by all! All participants received gift bags filled with Super Smash Brothers trinkets and other gifts.

Pictures can be found here.

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